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celery stew recipe in persian style

celery stew recipe

persian celery stew vegetarian with lamb calories khoresh karafs

Celery stew is one of the most popular and genuine Iranian stews, which is very similar to Ghormeh sabzi stew. Unfortunately, this food isn’t often seen on Iranian tables and most people prefer Ghormeh sabzi stew to Celery stew; but you’ll be amazed with this stew’s unique taste. Just once make this stew at home and be sure that all family members and guests fall in love with it.

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How to prepare Ghormeh Sabzi stew

How to prepare Ghormeh Sabzi stew


How to prepare Ghormeh Sabzi stew

Ghormeh Sabzi stew is one of the traditional and authentic Iranian dishes that is not only very popular among Iranians but also has many fans outside of Iran. The most popular types of vegetable stew in different regions of Iran are Tehrani vegetable stew, Gilani vegetable stew, Southern vegetable stew and Turkish or Tabriz vegetable stew, which are slightly different in terms of ingredients.

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Benefits and Properties of Mushrooms

Benefits and Properties of Mushrooms


Skin moisturizer

There is hyaluronic acid in the fungus, which is a natural moisturizer that prevents facial wrinkles and makes the skin smooth.
Boosting immunity system

Ergotation in the fungus contains sulfur, which protects the body against free radicals and strengthens the immune system. The fungus contains antibiotics similar to penicillin and prevents the growth of fungal infections in the body and heals the wound. It is also abundantly found in the fungi of Vitamin C, B and A, which play an important role in strengthening the immune system.
Anti-inflammatory properties

Ergothionine in this delicious snack has anti-inflammatory properties and is useful for treating allergies and reducing the growth of cancer tumors.
Reduce blood cholesterol

A fungus that is high in protein and low in cholesterol, low in carbohydrates, protein, fiber and some of the enzymes in this diet reduce bad blood cholesterol and prevent various heart diseases such as atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction.
heart health

In the fungus, various substances such as fiber, potassium, and vitamin C are found in abundance, which are important for cardiovascular health. The combination of high amounts of potassium and low sodium in the fungus is very useful for those with hypertension and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Skin Lightening

In some fungi, kojic acid is found to be a natural skin lightening and stops the production of melanin on the surface of the skin.
Strengthen bones

The fungus is an important source of calcium that strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis and joint pain in old age.
Treatment of anemia

Anemia has various symptoms such as headache, fatigue, neurological dysfunction and gastrointestinal problems. The fungus is a great source of iron that prevents anemia by producing red blood cells. Copper in the fungus improves iron absorption and prevents anemia.
Anti-cancer properties

Edible fungus is a tincture that has anti-cancer properties. Linoleic acid in the fungus reduces the damage of estrogen and prevents breast cancer in women. Increased estrogen is one of the leading causes of breast cancer in women. Beta-glucan also reduces prostate cancer in men.
Memory Improvement

As stated, potassium is abundantly found in fungi, which increases blood flow and improves brain oxygenation and cognitive function of the brain and memory.
Weight Loss

The fungus is high in fiber, protein and fat-free. These compounds are effective for weight loss because they provide excellent fat burning. It is also used to digest protein in the food.
Reduce the complications of diabetes

People with diabetes can use fungi to reduce the complications of diabetes. The carbohydrates, protein, fiber and water in this delicious meal are effective in preventing diabetes. The fungus has natural insulin which improves liver, pancreas and other endocrine function. The fungus as a natural antibiotic is effective for treating diabetic infections.

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Fenugreek properties


Fenugreek properties



Removing blackheads

To treat blackheads with fenugreek, you can make a great mask that is very useful for treating this. You need to boil some seeds of Fenugreek with water and put the resulting paste on the face of your face and wash your face after a minute to determine the effect.

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