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Fesenjan stew Recipe

Fesenjan stew Recipe


Fesenjan stew Recipe

This delicious stew has many varieties, the most popular of which are the following. The most popular types of Fusanjan stew include Fusanjan with roast beef, Fusanjan with duck, Fusanjan with chicken and Fusanjan with turkey meat.


  • Chicken breast or thigh;
  • Walnut kernels;
  • Pomegranate paste; tbsp
  • Large onion;
  • Sugar; 1 tbsp
  • Saffron brewed; tbsp
  • Enough salt and black pepper
  • Turmeric and enough liquid oil

How to prepare Fusanjan stew

first stage

To start the extra skin, remove the chicken pieces, then wash and set aside to remove excess water. Then add some salt, black pepper and, if desired, sprinkle on the chicken pieces to taste. You can put the chickens in a closed container and keep them in the fridge until it is fried.

second stage

Next, finely chop the onion, then sauté with a small amount of liquid oil in the pan you choose to cook to make the onion light and translucent. Then add some turmeric and continue to sauté until the turmeric is fully cooked.

third level

khoresht fesenjon

At this point, pour the walnuts in the mixer until it is completely powdered, then add to the stew pot and bake for about a minute. The important thing at this point is that you need to roast the walnut very little, as excessive roasting can burn the walnut, which can negatively affect the taste of the stew.

Step Four

After roasting the walnuts for a minute, add 2 or 3 cups of water to the pot and cover. Increase heat to boil water faster. Reduce heat after boiling water to allow the walnuts to oil over time. At this point, wait about 2-5 hours until the walnuts are well oiled.

Step Five

You can add pomegranate paste to the pot after the walnut has been poured. If you want your cup to taste like Gilan sour, you can use more sour pomegranate paste. At this point, you can add 2 tablespoons of tomato paste to your stew. Tomato paste will make your stew orange more orange.

Step Six

You can prepare the chickens after 4 hours when the stew is well oiled. Remove the chickens from the fridge and fry in oil until golden. Now you can add the chicken to the stew with the saffron brew.

Step Seven

You can add a little sugar to the stew after adding the chickens. If you like the taste of your stew, be sure to add sugar. It takes about another one-and-a-half hours for the stew to be mildly warmed to allow it to cool completely.

Step Eight

Fusajan stew is a food that is very easy to make without hassle. The most important factor in making a delicious and leftover fudge is patience. After the stew is fully cooked, serve it with cauliflower rice or ketchup.

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