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How to prepare Ghormeh Sabzi stew

How to prepare Ghormeh Sabzi stew


How to prepare Ghormeh Sabzi stew

Ghormeh Sabzi stew is one of the traditional and authentic Iranian dishes that is not only very popular among Iranians but also has many fans outside of Iran. The most popular types of vegetable stew in different regions of Iran are Tehrani vegetable stew, Gilani vegetable stew, Southern vegetable stew and Turkish or Tabriz vegetable stew, which are slightly different in terms of ingredients.


Ingredients for 4 people

300 grams of stewed meat
Stewed vegetables 500 g
Red beans or pinto beans 150 g
1 large onion
4 Omani lemons
Liquid oil as needed
Salt and black pepper as needed
Enough orange juice, juice and turmeric

Recipe for vegetable stew

first stage

The first step is to soak the red beans in the vegetable stock. To get the red bean bloated, put it in a bowl of water. Our recommendation is that whenever you decide to prepare vegetable crumbs, soak the red beans the night before.

second stage

In addition to preventing red beans from bloating, this makes the beans softer and therefore shortens the cooking time. If you can change the water in the bowl two to three times, the bean bloating will be completely removed.

third level

Finely chop the onion and pour some liquid oil into the pot you are cooking for the stew. Fry the onion a little to make it clear, then add some turmeric and, if desired, black pepper to the onion and continue frying until the spices are completely absorbed by the onion.

The fourth step

At this stage, after washing, chop the meat into pieces and add it to the stew pot. It is better that the pieces of meat are not too large because in addition to being cooked later, they have a negative effect on the appearance of the stew.

Step Five

After adding the meat to the onion, fry it well to change its color and fry a little. After the meat is fried, rinse the red beans and add to the pot. Roast the red beans for a minute or two, then add three glasses of water to the pot.

Step Six

Increase the heat under the pot until the water boils, then soften it so that the red meat and beans are cooked slowly. It takes about 2 hours to cook meat and red beans. At this stage, chop the green stew after cleaning and washing.

Step 7

Fry the stewed vegetables with some liquid oil in a separate pan. The more you fry the vegetables, the darker the color of your vegetable stock. After one hour of cooking, add the beans and vegetable meat to the stew pot after frying.

Step eight

At this stage, you can add Omani lemons with black pepper, juice and a little orange juice to the pot. One of the important points at this stage is to be sure to cut the Omani lemon in half and remove the eggs.

Step IX

Omani lemon seeds can make our stew taste bitter. We recommend adding salt to the stew after the meat is fully cooked as it makes the meat cook later. If the stew water is low, you can add some boiling water.

Step Ten

In the last 15 minutes, taste the stew and add some salt, black pepper and all kinds of spices if you need. After the stew is well oiled, put it in a stew and serve with rice.